Simple and available POS systems for any costumers

Our ideas

The main idea - to make very simple and useful POS system for business automation.

The first step is -system самfixation sales.

We have great experience in development of similar systems - We create available interface that does not require reading technical documentation for setup and use the system by your own.


You can take any iPad and spend only a few minutes to configure the system.


Simple interface allows you to use iSOK POS without instructions and its easy to use system to understand how the system works. Also staff will be able to learn how the work system.


We would like to make this instrument available and more useful how is it possible.To give the chance for any businessman automate business for the minimum money. Application you can install like any other from the Apple Store. You could forget about licenses and license fees.


Transparency of the system depends on the price.


Most other systems have the classic views of the catalog range or menu. We have chosen cloudy approach to realize our ideas. This approach gives you the ability to search products using the selection on classifications of the range.

System of discounts

In our system, developed discount system for assortment. Using this system, you can configure the conditional discount system, for example: when you choosing discount in a system you can specify different percentages for different goods categories. Services may have different percentage discounts than goods.


At this moment we provide a basic set of reporting systems, but further reporting will be expanded and you will not have to pay for this.


We offer you a POS system, as a working instrument. All your system data is stored on your device and in your personal cloud data (at the moment it is iCloud). Saving data depends only on the security of your device.


The system does backup during the moments (time depends on the size of your range and a database). Under force majeure circumstances (break iPad or lose it) need couple of seconds to be able to recover system operations on the other device. For this purpose you shouldn't spend any additional resources.

Minimum clicking

We optimize system and you can do minimum touch on the screen of all operations.