Simple and available POS systems for any costumers

What's new?

Version 2.2

- Added a 15 day free trial period.
- Added the warehouse module.
- Added a virtual adviser.
- Added the ability to create composition for dishes.
- Re-work reports.
- Optimization.
- Reworked barcode scanner.
- Authorization of the system through the badge.
- Added the print price tags.
- Print your trading network logo on the check without additional printer settings.
- Troubleshoot problems with synchronization to the cloud.

And much more...

Popular issues

Which printer to choose to work with the system?

Any network POS printer.

How to print the logo on the bill?

At this moment, the logo must be pre-downloaded in your printer.

The system does not programming images on the printer.

Training videos

How to print multiple badges?

How to activate 15 days trial period?

How to print employee badges?

Mode «Multi-devices»

Do not see the illustrations of sale's items and icons of classifiers on the pos-device!

To update the image in iCloud on your major device you need on the list of sale's items to start update illustrations in the cloud.
This is done by clicking the "cloud with arrows" in the list of sale's items.
After that, you should do the same operation on the pos-device and illustration will be updated.

Relatively icons classifiers, the procedure is the same as illustrate of sale's items.
To do this - open the list of sale's items and go to the administration of classifiers - there you will find the same refresh button.

Changed the sale's items and prices, but on the pos-device is old data!

After change sale's items and prices - need to start sync manually.

I correct a bill on the major device, and after a while it returns to its previous state.

This is because as you edit a bill which is still exits on the pos-device.

In sync session device receives all bills with pos-devices and if you corrected bill who is present on the pos-device, all your changes will be deleted.

After pos-device will clearing from data, then you can easily change the bill.

Database cleanup occurs depending on the period that you specified in the configuration of the point of sale.

System stored on the pos-device is the number of days specified in the configuration of the point of sale.

You can remotely remove the bill from the pos-device?

Yes - it is possible.

After a bill will appear in the major device - you can remove it and at the next sync with pos device the bill will be removed.

Under "remove" - means exactly removing the bill, and not its "сancel".

How to run sync manually?

Yes, you can just press the menu item "SYNC".

How often do sync?

When you run the application on the major device - sync is revives itself.

Master device checks the status of all pos-devices and if the pos-device has new data - ask them to send this data.

The major-device have actual information almost always.

The device is no longer receiving new data!

Sometimes iCloud is tired, to restore his work need restart the tablet.

This situation applies to any type of device - as the major and pos.

The problem may be due to different accounts iCloud on devices.

Also, the system will not receive new data if the device where you want to get them - off or do not have access to the Internet.

On the POS-device application allert that activation is not completed!

The device waits for confirmation of activation and only after confirmation is possible to work with him.

Click in the main menu item "SYNC" on the major device, and after a few seconds click the same menu item on the activated device.

If after several attempts, gives the same alert there are two options:

-Reboot the device and repeat sync.
- Do reset the POS-device and start the activation process from beginning.

iCloud works in asynchronous and sometimes delays in receiving data from the cloud.

Activation list of pos-device in initial configuration wizard is empty!

In this situation, there are several solutions:

- Check the settings iCloud - they should be the same as on the майор device and on the activating device as pos.
- Package for activation device are not yet updated in the cloud iCloud - wait a few seconds and refresh the list.
- On the major device again click "Activate POS-device" in list of pos.
- If all the settings are correct and still the list is empty, then restart your tablet and try again.

I can activate multiple devices for the same point of sale?

You can activate any number of pos-device for one point of sale.

All these pos-devices will operate independently of each other, and on the major device will be consolidate all information from all pos-devices.

Number of activated pos-devices you can see in the list of pos on the major device.

How to activate a POS-device?

Activation procedure of POS-device:

- Buy or restore function "Multi-devices" on the major device.
- Install the application iSOK POS Store on the device that will POS.
- Set up the device that will POS - iCloud (iCloud account should be the same as on the major device)
- Verify that the application iSOK POS Store have access to iCloud (all this is done in the standard settings of the tablet)
- In the main menu, go to your list of POS and open pos for which you activate POS-device and click on "Activate POS-device"
- Define period of the store data on the POS-device.
- On the pos-device using the Initial Wizard - to activate.

Procedure seems long - but it only takes a couple minutes.

Particular attention is that all devices must be set up by same account for iCloud and the application should be allowed to use iCloud.

Sometimes after changing the iCloud requires reboot the tablet.

How do I activate the mode "Multi-devices"?

To activate this mode, you need to make the in-app purchase on the major-device.
This purchase can be made via the main menu of the application.
After successful purchase - functionality is open to activate the POS-devices, synchronization and updates.

Why do we need mode "Multi-devices"?

This mode can be used if you have remote points of sale.
Under remote point of sale - let understood that shop, kiosk or sales agent.
Using this mode, you can quickly activate the "POS-device" and the whole sale's items and settings will be updated in this device.

In app purchases

How many times to buy additional features?

Additional features purchased only once, and can be are activated on any number of your devices.

Can buy twice the same feature?

If you use the same apple ID, then no.

If you have previously purchased this feature with apple ID - the application displays a message about the purchase, but after you answer YES, feature is restored.

How to restore function in app purchased?

You can restore all bought one click function - for this you just click on the "restore all purchases"

It is also possible to restore purchase separately.

Necessary to restore on each device purchased features?

You can restore all purchased features on each device.

But there is a simpler way - run on the major device restore of all purchases and features are available on all active pos-devices and you do not have to restore the features on each individual pos-device manually.

Button in app purchases is not available on the pos-device!

To employees could not use in app purchases - we limited access to this feature only system administrators.

If you are the system administrator, then go to the application under your account and this feature will be available to you.

How to buy additional features?

This application provides you with a lot of features is free.

If you have only one point of sale, you can use the system is free.

If not enough basic functionality, you can expand it by in-app purchases.

List of additional features in the application can be viewed through the main application menu - click on the button with puzzles.


I have one shop , can I use one iPad to work with the system iSOK Store?

Yes, in this case, you only need to install and activate the mode «single devices.»
With this device, you can configure the system to know the statistics of sales, and also to do fixing of sale.
To differentiate access, you can configure a separate role in the system for your sellers.

What does «POS» device mean?

These devices will work mainly on your remote sellers outlets.
On these devices is not possible to change the global system settings.
And performed fixation sales and cash operations.

What does it mean the «MAJOR» devices?

In the System should always be one "MAJOR" device. Only for this device, you can configure the basic parameters of the system (sale's items, user, etc.)

If you use the system in "multiple devices" on this device will be placed all information from your outlets, thats means from your "pos" system devices. "MAJOR" device can be used as well to fix the sales, for example when you are using only one iPad for work.

What does it mean mode of "multiple devices»?

Use this mode when you have multiple retail outlets for each must be installed the system iSOK Store. Devices which are installed on the outlets referred to as «POS-device».

On these devices perform only fixing sales and cash operations. To configure the the system is necessary to use one more device iPad - as called «Major».

What does it mean the «single devices»?

If you have one retail outlet you need only one device to configure the system for fixing sales.
This device will be called as «MAIN».

What kind modes of operation the system exist?

There are two modes of operation:

-Mode of single devices
- Mode of multiple devices

What do I need for a minimal system startup?

For a minimal startup this system you will need one iPad with iOS 7 and install the application iSOK POS Store from AppStore.

What opportunities the system has?

The latest version of the system has the following capabilities:

- Mode of one device - called Main device
- Makes a range for sale
- Registration of sales
- Reporting Sales
- Draft for sales
- Flexible system access rights
- Flexible system of discounts
- Support for printing to a network POS printer
-Personalizing a template check printing
-Registration of starting and end of the shift sellers
-Working barcode scanner with the aid of the camera
- Module Case
- Export sales in csv format
- Database backup to iCloud

How and where to use the system iSOK Store?

iSOK Store - it is the system with general orientation where you will not find a link to the specifics of catering.

You can use it basically in different specificities business, where you need to fix the facts selling products and services.

Initial setup

Нow to start working with the system?

The first step in configuring devices is initialized through the configuration wizard as "MAIN" device.

Setup master creates:
- Super user with full rights. You can change your password and user name in the main menu of the "users".
- One retail outlets. You can use the main menu of the "retail outlets" to change the name of the "Store" for a convenient name.

Two cash desk. One it is the main cash desk, and the second is a cash desk cashier outlet.
Classifications of range. If you choose the specifics of work system it is help to create template for this specificity. If specificity is not selected then create classifiers "other goods" and "services." Also you can correct and create classifiers, that help you better navigate in range of sale.

Can I replace the logo and the name of the trading network, if I forget to do it at initialization of the system?

Yes, this is possible through system setup.

How to enter your password?

As a password system uses a graphical key.
Graphical key presented in as buttons 3 on 3 consecutive pressing of any of the buttons to create a password.

Sequence of clicks is important, different order press of button will produce different passwords.
Allowed to a few clicks on the same button graphic key - this complication password at the same visualization on the screen.

No specifics when choosing appropriate specificity what should i do?

Choose specificity is not required.
If you do not have appropriate specifics you always can create a comfortable setting range you in the system.

What is the specificity of work?

Specificity of work - is a set of pre-configured classifiers that will simplify setup assortments for sale in a system.

How to make the initial setup of system?

When you first start the system turns on the initial master system initialization.
This master has a detailed description of each step.

Users and access rights

Can I delete a user?

No, you can make it inactive and then the user can not log into the system.

Seller will work in several outlets i have to create for each individual user store?

No, you only need to create one user and determine where he will work.

What does mean the role of the user?

Role in the system it is to configure access rights. If you do not want to set permissions for each individual user - you are need to create a role, for example the "Seller" and assign it to each seller in your system.
Customization and creation of roles can be made through the main menu of the "users" - "administration roles".
We currently attempted to define the maximum rights and presented them in settings window - role.

I want to differentiate the rights of users in the system, how to do it?

To configure access rights and creating users use the main menu system -"users".
The register user you can use for edit, block the work of the user (will be impossible to enter), change the login password and delineate the rights. For give permissions system has a term Role in system.

Setting sale's items

Can I filter sale's items for some featured?


In the list of sale's itemsin addition to filtering classifiers you have the opportunity to select items by category, discounts by item type, in availability to a certain point of sale, according to activity status by the presence a photo, elements which is not set the price and not available for sale or one point of sale.

To do this, click the icon in the registry as a list with checkmarks.

Can change the type of classifier to another?

The system allows you to change between types of classifiers are «HIGHLIGHTED" and "DESCRIPTIVE».

Just select the classifier and in the dropdown menu, select "Make HIGHLIGHTED" for descriptive or "Make it DESCRIPTIVE" for the selected classifier.

How to change the icon (picture,logo) at the major classifier?

To change the image of the main classifier you have to go from the main menu of the "sale's items" and then press the button classifiers.

Find the classifier and select an image from your library or select from your photo album.

Recommended use square images with transparency in minimalist style.

How to change existing classifiers in the system?

Any classifiers you can edit the from the main menu of the "sale's item" and then press the button classifiers.

How can I add the major classifiers?

Any classifiers you can edit the from the main menu of the "Sale's items" and then press the button classifiers.

How to change the major classifier element to another?

In a card of sale's item simply select a new the main classifier and it will be replaced in the element.

Element can be only with one major classifier.

How to remove unnecessary elements from the classifier?

The card of sale's item on the left side displays assigned by classifiers element.

When you click on the classifier its removed from the selected element.

How to quickly add HIGHLIGHTED and DESCRIPTIVE classifiers?

The card of sale's item - in the search field enter the name of the classifier, but if the system does not find a classifier with this name should offers to add it.

Depending on what group of classifiers you click "Add" this type of classifier will be assigned and added to the sale's item.

What is the type of «Service»?

Do not write off anything, but just fixes the fact providing services in the statistics.

What type «Dish / Calculation»?

Means of writing off of the composition of meals according to calculation map element goods from storage.

What is the type of «Goods»?

Further sale of goods will entail writing off leftovers in the storage.

What is the type of «Tara/Base»?

This element content - for example it is a pizza base that has the price or cup for fresh juices - which has no price but has the limiting the amount of other goods or dishes. For example: a glass has a limiting amount of 500 mg of fresh juices.

What types of sale's item exist?

There are 4 types elements of range:

- Tara / Base
- Goods
- Dish / Costing
- Service

Why define single-piece sale's item?

If you are implementing single-piece of goods - for example - a bottle of mineral water or a sandwich, or car tires - to avoid an error when entering the number of sales - that defines the elements as the piece.
If you are admit an integer number of sale, remove this sign.

- Identify retail outlets where this element will be available for sale and the price (the default price is zero).
- Make item description and photos - according to your wishes
- You can scan the bar code element using the camera as a barcode scanner

How do I fill out the sale's item?

You must fill in the following:

Name - of product that the seller will see and printed on the check of the client.
- Identify the sale's item
- Determine single-piece element or not
- Define a category for sale for an item
- Identify all the classifiers element (Main classifier required)
- Identify retail outlets where this item will be available for sale and the price (the default price is zero).

What are the advantages of building a menu in comparison with classical groups of products?

This method allows a minimum amount of touches to get the list of elements in the formation of sale's items.

For example, if you need to find all portioned white wines:
Choose Alcohol - The system shows all the alcohol for sale.

The list appears gray descriptive classification classifier "portions" - choose it and system produces all portion alcohol for sale.

Then we can choose a selected classifier "Wine" - shows all white, rose and red wine portioned.
Choose another descriptive classifier "White" and get a list of portioned white wines.

What is the difference navigation of group - you have to get all the groups to find all of portioned wine - it means to enter, and and go out of group, etc.

this approach is - the so called cloud characteristics of the elements - if you choose one of the characteristics of elements is decreases.

What is «DESCRIPTIVE» classifiers?

As a descriptive classification presented informative characteristics of the sale's item.
For example, for red wine are the following classifications:

Main - Alcohol
Selected - Wine
Descriptive - red, dry or bottled.

This classifier will be presented during the formation of sales as a gray button. Clicking on that will receive all the goods of this classifier.

What is «HIGHLIGHTED» classifiers?

As selected classifiers are secondary characteristics sale's item.
For example it can be characteristics such as Wine, Whiskey, Vodka, Action goods, etc.

For sale's item you can select several selected classifiers.
For example:
Sale's item portion whiskey can have selected qualifiers such as "Whiskey", "Action».

This classifier will be presented during the formation of sales as a blue button. Clicking on that will receive all the goods of this classifier.

What is the «MAJOR» classifiers?

Major classifier is the main characteristic of the element range . This classifier should have except the name the icon ( image ) that characterizes it.

Example major classifiers in catering :
Drinks, Alcohol, Tobacco, desserts, appetizers, salads, etc.

For each sale's item should be selected only one main classifier. This classifier will be presented in the creation of sales as icons and signs it. When you click on this classifier system supplies all of the range of this classifier.

What types of classifiers exist?

There are three types of classifiers:


What is the classifier of sale's items?

Classifier of sale's items it is a characteristic assortment goods or services which you propouse.

For example:
Your cafe sells drinks, wich can be "alcoholic", "soft", "tea", "coffee", etc.. - this is all classifiers your sale's items.

Sale's item can have several classifiers for describe.

What should I do when setting up the sale's items?

Before you configure sale's items is necessary to systematize it.
Should highlight the characteristics of products (Brand, description, group).
Without it characteristics of products will be difficult to build a comfortable classifiers of sale's items.

What is the sale's items?

Sale's items - it products or services that you sell in your point of sale.
The range can include goods, meals (costing), services, etc.


How the subsystem of discounts it works?

Discount subsystem has a flexible structure.
Each element can have category for the discount.
Quantities of the categories for discounts is not limited.

You can create any number of discounts defining its name and percentages for each category of discounts.
The percentage may be negative - it entails the margin on the sale.

You also have the ability to determine which point of sale, the discount will be available to control the overall activity status discounts.

Where do I set up categories of discount?

Categories for discounts and discounts are configured via the main menu of the "Discount".


How to close a sale and print a bill for customer?

For closing sales and forming a check you have to click on the "Close".

Select the type of available payment (cash, non-cash, payment).

If paying by cash system ask enter the "Buyer's money" to calculate the rest of money and fixing money of buyer (for exclude conflict).

When non-cash payment system asks to enter a comment - for example the number of slip with payment terminal.

When you close without payments - the system requires necessarily enter a comment to the sale.

After click on the button "close the sale" and the system creates a bill, print it on your printer (if configured), and creates a new blank sale for the next buyer.

How to remove the discount on sale?

When you creating bill click on the "discount" - there you can click the "Reset a discount".

How to choose a discount on sale?

When you creating bill click on the "discount" - where you can select the discount. After choice discount, the system recalculates sale prices according to the chosen discount.

How do I delete a draft sales?

In the screen when you creating bill, click on a shopping carts. Then system displays all drafts that currently exist in the system. Click on the "Delete" and system will delete the draft from the system.

How to return to editing the draft sale?

In the screen when you creating bill, click on a shoppingcarts. Then system displays all drafts that currently exist in the system. Click on "Finish" and you can continue creating bill.

How many draft of sales could have?


How to create a draft sales?

To do this, switch to closing the sale and click on "Save as Draft»

What is the draft of the sale?

Draft sale - the sale which is not closed by the payment. To edit a draft, you can return at any time. When changing cash day drafts pass in the new cash day.

Can I put off the closing sale later?

Yes. To do this, the system provides sales draft of.

Can customize the amount of the sale?

If you need to choose the amount for the position, you can click on the total amount of the check by position screen check system and propose entering a new amount. As a result, changes in the amount the system recalculate the price for position.

Can individually change the prices in the sale?

If you want to change the price for the position - which does not conform the item's price introduced or you want to make custom discount on the item, then you just click on the screen to check the price and if you have the right to do, the system will allow you to do it.

Can manually enter the amount of the sale?

Just click on the number of positions in the screen and check if you have the right to change the amount of manual - the system will allow you to do it.

Can search sale's item in sale?

Yes. To do this, possible to use field in the search screen of sale. System search not only use a name but also in the description of the sale's items.

Can you scan the bar code on the sale?

In this time the system is implemented barcode scanner using the built-in camera in the device. it is not the fastest way to scan, but anyway work and budget.

What is the closing of the sale?

Closure for sale means that formed a check on it and gets to sales-reports per day.

Why when you click on the button "closed" system displays the message "can not be empty closing of the sale?»

The system prohibited to close the empty sale.
If you wish to remove sale you should use the registry checks there you have the ability to remove the sale (if your rights permit it).

How to read the description of the item or technology preparation elements of sale?

If the element included this information will appear the button «i» clicking on which you can read the information.

How to see the big picture of product when you make a sale?

If the item of sale has a photos, there will be full view pictures button. Clicking this button displays the picture in full screen of the device.

Can I see when you make a sale photos sale's items?

There are two modes of output range:

Compressed - displays only the name of product weight and price meals.
Complete - displays smaller image of the goods.

How do I fix the sale?

To create and fixation sales you need to click on the icon in the "sale" in the main menu system.

If you use a "MAJOR" device and the current user has access to multiple points of sale, the system will offer a choice of points of sale for making a sale.

List of bills

How do I find the bills that have certain products or services?

In the list of bills have fields to search - entering text in this field starts to search the assortment of bills. You can find all the bills in which for example have some kind of tea or some service.

You can filter bills in the list?

In the registry, there is a button in the form of a "list of checkboxes" when you click on that you can do filtering list of bills on the specific criteria.

How do I send bill by mail?

To do this, click on «csv» and the system will generate email with the list of bill.

How to remove the bill from the system?

To do this, slide your finger on line check in the list of bills - from right to left.

If the bill was in the "closed" the system first ask you to cancel it.

If the bill was in the "draft" and the system will first propose you to cancel it.

If a bill has been able to «cancelled" the system will remove the bill from the system irrevocably.

What is the state "draft"?

This is a draft of sale.

What is the state "canceled"?

A canceled bill - a bill that you want to delete from the system or temporarily suspend its action on the the results of the day cash.

Just bill in state canceled can be removed from the system completely.

What is the state "closed"?

Closed a bill - a bill that it is involved in reporting on a cashday and fall into the cashbox on the day.

In the future, will participate in the writing off the goods from the warehouses.

What states of bill can be?

States may be as:

- Closed
- Cancelled
- Draft

What is a modified bill?

Modified - it means that the check was manual correction prices.

Possible see the list of bills by employee?

Yes. You can select the type of output grouping: By the authors (employee), by state, by type of payment, by modification, by date.

Why all the drafts are in the current day?

When changing cash day - all drafts sales go into the new cash day.

Draft can be closed only during current cash day.

How can I view bills for another day or period?

For do it use calendar view period list of bills. First you choose the starting date view, after the final and then press "OK".

The system will give you all the bills and drafts for the period.

Where can I see the bills and drafts of sales?

In the main menu there is a point system "Bills" where are all the sales.


You can view reports for the period?

To view the report for the period - choose the period in calendar.

How do I view reports?

To view reports should go through the main menu "Reports"

Shifts of employees

How to see report of the enter and exit employees?

Entering or exit employees displayed in "Report".

If the employee for example worked from morning to afternoon, and then formed the ending shift and enter again in afternoon, all this information you can see in report, if employees did correct fixation of shifts.

How to fix shift employees?

At the beginning shifts all workers must be logged.

For example:
if you have several people working on shift and only one worker use the system, all workers must be logged in and log out by pressed "exit".

If they click «out of shift" they immediately stop works.

How form start of employee's shift?

First login fixes the beginning of the shift.

The "out of shift" is different from "exit" in the main menu?

"exit" - just locks the screen system and to continue the work necessary to enter the password, but does not fix the fact that the end of shift worker.

"out of shift" - except the locking also forms ending shift worker.

For example:
in you’re p working few workers - one employee leaves the shift, and the second continues to operate.

One employee who is leaving shall record the fact of his departure from place of work.

What is the "out of shift" in the main menu?

System fixes arrival of a job employee. Before Leaving from shift employee must make exit from the change by clicking on the button in the main menu system.

System Settings

How do I delete all data and start setting up the system from the beginning?

To reset all data of system - use the settings "System reset".

Can I change the template of bill?

For each point of sale you can create your own bil template. Enter a unique data for pos useful information (for example, password on wifi network...e.t.c).

Why should optimize the database?

Optimization database squeezes and optimizes database system indexes. This allows the system to relive the large database.

Is possible to add additional "close" button for bottom of screen sale?

In system settings, click the "Additional close button" Turn on or off.

How in forming sale screen to make list of major classifiers on the bottom?

In system settings, click the "Groups items for sale on the bottom" Turn on or off.

How in forming sale screen to make list of major classifiers on the top?

In system settings, click the "Groups items for sale on the top" Turn on or off.

How to make the screen is not never lock on stand by?

In system settings, click "Lock screen on stand by". Turn on or off.

How to change the name of the retail network?

In system settings, click "Change the retail network name"

How to change the logo of retail network?

In system settings, click "Change retail network logo"
Here you are can select the logo of the album or go back to our standard logo.

Logo should be installed square size.

How to change system settings?

We have to enter through the main menu from "Settings"

You can restrict the viewing history on the current day?

Yes. In user's role do not set rule "preview period" and then the system will only display the current day.

That is, the seller can only see the current day sales.